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Embark on the restoration journey with the digitisation of the Dewamin collection
Restoration, Digitisation, Enhancement: The history of the Dewamin collection

The Dewamin Collection, a historical collection of over 2,000 printed and handwritten documents including banknotes, laws and decrees, company deeds, engravings, prints and posters, has been fully developed. The collection spans the period from the late 17th century to the mid-20th century. It was assembled by Emile Dewamin, one of the most important collectors of … Continued

Electronic / Digital Document Management Software
Everything you need to know about Electronic Document Management (EDM)

What is electronic document management (EDM)? First introduced in the 1980s, electronic document management (EDM) is an electronic system designed to manage your company’s digital documents. It acts as a repository for working documents (documents in daily use) and allows users to view and share documents in real time. The EDM follows all stages of … Continued

Jean Mabillon's historical contribution to archiving
Great names in the history of archiving: Jean Mabillon, the father of diplomacy

Born on 23 November 1632, Jean Mabillon came from a peasant family. Nevertheless, his superiors quickly recognised his talent for learning as he sojourned at successive abbeys following his communion. In 1664, the Benedictine monk joined the Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, where he helped Dom Luc d’Achery with the abbey library. He travelled extensively, with the … Continued

Diligent management and storage of public archives
Why is it important to manage public archives properly?

Preserving authoritative sources of information Since November 2011, UNESCO’s Universal Declaration on Archives asserts that public archives must be preserved in a reasoned and studied manner. Why is this? Because “they are authoritative sources of information, underpinning accountable and transparent administrative actions. They play an essential role in the development of societies by safeguarding and … Continued

Concertgebouw Orchestra Transportation From Royal De Gruijter
Royal De Gruijter: Transporting the Sounds of the Concertgebouw Orchestra Across Europe

To bring the sound to audiences from Bucharest to Frankfurt, they pair their musical prowess with world-class instruments that must be transported in tightly controlled and pristine environments from concert to concert around the continent. This is where Mobilitas subsidiary Royal De Gruijter comes in. The Royal De Gruijter is a Dutch removals company whose … Continued

A story of know-how: Christophe Girard, Deputy Digital Manager

Formerly a social worker in the Paris region, Christophe Girard joined AGS Records Management as a temp in 2007. This motivated man quickly landed a full-time position as a multi-skilled archivist. His duties chiefly covered document destruction and setting up archive boxes. As he progressed, he made himself useful, assisting the company’s small but growing … Continued

AGS Rhône-Alpes Auvergne Exceptional Boat Moves
Exceptional removals by AGS Rhône-Alpes Auvergne

AGS Rhône-Alpes Auvergne has carried out a rather exceptional move. For the third time in recent months, the team was contacted by a private customer moving from France to the West Indies to ship his motorboat and its trailer via groupage to his new home. “There aren’t many customers who own a boat and decide … Continued

The changes in retention of employee data
How the GDPR is affecting the retention of employee data

The entry into force on 25 May 2018 of the European Union’s GDPR regulation has turned corporate HR departments upside down. And with good reason: every day, they collect personal data necessary for the smooth running of the company and the professional lives of employees. HR starts accumulating personal data from the moment a prospective … Continued

Spain's Beckham Law for Expatriates
New Tax Benefits for Assignees Under Spain’s Expanded Beckham law

Named after the famous footballer David Beckham, the ‘Beckham Law’ is officially known as the ‘Special Tax Regime for Expatriates’. Introduced in December 2003 through Royal Decree 1008/2023, the law aimed to attract foreign talent by offering tax benefits to non-residents taking up employment in Spain. Enhanced Tax Benefits: Revisions to the Beckham Law The … Continued

Optimise policy creation with ChatGPT
Can ChatGPT Write your Global Mobility Policy?

Historically, global mobility policies have remained largely static. As such, you could argue that using ChatGPT to generate a Global Mobility policy would be no different to what a consultancy would do for your programme. After all, these consultancies essentially fuse existing policies together to create a policy that fits your needs. This is, in … Continued

Skyline building in The Hague, Netherlands
How does the scale back of the Netherlands “30% tax ruling” affect employers?

However, a recent announcement by the Dutch government has brought about significant changes, leading to a reduction in its duration and a cap on the earnings to which it can apply. This change is likely to have a significant impact on both employers and employees.   Netherlands tax history Designed to attract and retain highly … Continued

AGS helps combat drought in Kenya
AGS Kenya supports NGO ACTED’s borehole renovation project

The situation is urgent. For several months, Kenya has been suffering from a drought considered the worst in 40 years. Almost 6.4 million people were in desperate need of assistance in 2023, 67% of them children.  Whilst the need for water has increased, some boreholes have run dry. Others have deteriorated, requiring repair or upgrades … Continued

Learn how to successfully relocate your expat assignee
Lump Sum or Managed Services – What’s Your Best Bet?

Finding a place to live and understanding transportation, as well as dealing with bureaucratic obligations such as opening a bank account, registering their address, and getting their children enrolled in school are only a few of the many tasks that expats face – and all of that in a foreign culture and language. Companies have … Continued

Pelichets logistical support at Autour du Temps event in Geneva, Switzerland
Pelichet, logistician for the world of watchmaking supports successful Autour du temps event

The watchmaking industry came together in the Genevan town of Plan-les-Ouates from 12 to 14 October 2023 for Autour du temps (Around the Clock). The exhibition showcased the full range of watchmaking skills and expertise. A total of 30 companies from the sector were present, including Rolex, Piaget and Patek, and the organisers arranged almost … Continued

Eric Ponchaut, Executive Board Member of the MOBILITAS Group
Portrait of Eric Ponchaut, Executive Board Member

How did you become part of the MOBILITAS team? I was working as an internal auditor for Caterpillar in 1998, constantly travelling internationally, which left little time to balance my private and professional life. For a long time, I’d been drawn to foreign countries, so I started looking for an expatriate position. I came across … Continued

Exterior view of the Hessian State Archives building
Preserving German Theatre Heritage: Digitisation at Hessian State Archives

Preserving German theatrical heritage The Hessian State Archives in Darmstadt launched an ambitious project to digitise their archives on the region’s theatrical history. MEMORIST was selected for this large-scale project, entrusting the preservation of this heritage to its new German studio in Berlin. The State Archives of Hesse play a central role in preserving the … Continued

CSR policy: Executive Relocations renews its Platinum status from EcoVadis

In 2018, Executive Relocations earned a Gold rating from EcoVadis, and in 2021 the company’s CSR policy reached the pinnacle of recognition, with a Platinum rating. This ranks them among the top 1% of companies in the world – a prestigious position granted by the world’s largest and most reliable sustainability and CSR rating organisation. … Continued

Meet with experts to get your global mobility programme outsourced
Five signs it’s time to outsource your global mobility programme

That’s before you face those tricky questions from finance. If you’re just beginning to wonder whether outsourcing is for you, you won’t have reached that step yet. Which is good. Because, before you do you need to know if it’s the right answer.   Five signs to outsource your global mobility programme In this piece, … Continued

AGS changing lives in Haiti through education
AGS supports young Haitians in uncertain times

With gangs gaining a foothold and the number of major crimes setting “new records”, the UN warns that many Haitians are living in a climate of unprecedented danger. Against this backdrop, AGS is helping motivated young Haitians better their lives through learning. Since opening its doors in Port-au-Prince in 2012, AGS Haiti has built a … Continued

La Reliure : projet de restauration d'un précieux incunable de l'Abbaye de Solesmes
Restoring a Precious Incunabulum from Solesmes Abbey: La Reliure du Limousin’s Restoration Journey

Initial inspection and challenges During the initial inspection, a number of major alterations were noted, including a non-original binding in paper on board, broken seams, tears, gaps and ink stains on certain pages. Faced with these challenges, our craftsmen implemented a meticulous restoration process, aiming to revive the incunabulum’s originality and significance.   Meticulous restoration … Continued

Old books being stored in a library as archives
Great names in archival history: Chancellor Guérin, father of the French National Archives

Before being a friend of the king, Brother Guérin, born in 1157, was first and foremost a knight of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem. In 1187, during the Crusades, he took part in the Battle of Tiberias under the command of Garnier de Naplouse. As Keeper of the Seals (Garde des Sceaux) and … Continued

A secret village in Nong Khiaw, Laos
MOBILITAS consolidates its Asian footprint with new branch in Laos – the 100th country in its network.

The French-owned MOBILITAS Group, specialised in global mobility, physical and digital records management, and the preservation, restoration, digitisation and sharing of heritage, has opened a new branch for its flagship brand in Laos – the 100th country to form part of its network. Now covering the entire Indochinese peninsula, MOBILITAS consolidates its position as a … Continued

Gregory Masanet, Executive Board Member and Chairman of Memorist
Portrait of an VIE alumnus : Gregory Masanet, Member of the MOBILITAS Board of Directors

How did you join MOBILITAS? I was studying for a postgraduate degree in international business at Sup de Co in Clermont-Ferrand, after which I had to perform my mandatory miliary service. At that time, companies could recruit students under the Coopération du Service National programme, the predecessor of the VIE scheme. I seized this opportunity … Continued

Staff located at the new AGS Ghana facilities
New Ghanaian facilities for Mobilitas flagship brand AGS

The MOBILITAS Group has unveiled new facilities in Ghana to strengthen the African footprint of its flagship brand. Situated on the outskirts of the country’s capital, Accra, the new premises will service AGS Ghana’s removals, relocation and records management clients. Constructed from the ground up, the approximately 2000m2 site marks the first opportunity for the … Continued

Bahrain Oman Flag
As seen in the Muscat Daily: Mobilitas enters Bahrain and Oman under flagship brand AGS

As reported in the Muscat Daily on 17 September, MOBILITAS has fortified its presence in the Middle East, with the opening of two new branches, AGS Bahrain and AGS Oman, to serve clients across the Gulf states. While AGS Bahrain is a fully owned MOBILITAS subsidiary, AGS Oman is a joint venture with Omani-owned Allied Logistics, a leader in … Continued

Memorist's sporting heritage preservation of the Olympics
MEMORIST: Guardian of sports heritage for future generations

MEMORIST, the European leader in heritage preservation, plays a leading role in this undertaking as a long-standing player in the safeguarding of collections and archives linked to the world of sport. Since 2008, the five MEMORIST companies have been at the forefront of sports heritage preservation, digitising and preserving the precious artefacts that shape our … Continued

Saint Jérôme, Archiviste
Famous names in records management: Saint Jerome, the patron saint of archivists

Born around 347 in Stridon, a Roman city between Slovenia and present-day Croatia, Jerome studied in Rome and converted to Catholicism at the age of 18. He continued his studies in Gaul, developing a passion for theology. He learned Greek and Hebrew in addition to Latin and became a leading Roman historian and theologian, as … Continued

Palais Garnier Opera House
Memorist’s Heritage Virtual Scene at VivaTech

HERITAGE VIRTUAL SCENE is a service that designs and markets high quality digital replicas created from the 3D digitisation of architectural heritage. It was developed by Memorist company Art Graphique & Patrimoine (AGP) in partnership with multiple French cultural institutions. AGP is a leader in the 3D digitisation of cultural heritage.   A digital replica … Continued

The Conservation of Lalibela's Heritage in Ethiopia: A MEMORIST International Collaboration
The Conservation of Lalibela’s Heritage: A MEMORIST International Collaboration with CNRS and École des Chartes

Protecting Lalibela’s rock churches through digitisation This project, called Sustainable Lalibela, aims to protect and promote the famous rock churches of Lalibela, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Arkhênum arrived in Ethiopia just before the summer of 2023 to train the local religious communities in the digitisation techniques that would preserve and enhance the … Continued

Mobilitas sustainability report for 2022 now available.

As a member of the UN Global Compact, we release this report annually to demonstrate how we are implementing the Compact’s Ten Principles in our day-to-day operations. In 2022, we were active on multiple fronts, from aiding communities affected by natural disasters to reducing the energy consumption of our vehicle fleet. Importantly, we also formally … Continued

SMEs founded their own university
How family-owned SMEs innovated by founding their own university

Joining forces for better training and development. This is the idea that drove GT Logistics, GT Solutions, Poclain, Radiall, Terideal and MOBILITAS to found the Alliance for Agile SMEs (ALETIA) in 2017. United by their long-term vision, shared values like legacy and loyalty, and a desire to invest in their employees, their goal was to … Continued

Albin Porquez, Executive Relocations
Portrait: Albin Porquez, from V.I.E intern to head of executive relocations

How did you become part of the MOBILITAS Group? In my third year at EDHEC business school, I had no intention of delving into the international removals and expatriate market. However, an internship opportunity turned my career around. In 1998, I applied for a position at AGS, who were looking for an intern to develop … Continued

History of words: Time stamping

Historically, when a significant event transpired, it was common practice to document it in a register, noting the date and critical details to maintain a historical record. This practice, of linking dates and times with events, originated from the necessity to present evidence during legal disputes, to establish or prove rights or obligations. For instance, … Continued

AGS Thailand gets their hands dirty for clean air

Launched by Governor Chadchart Sittipunt in 2022, the ambitious initiative aims to plant one million indigenous Thai trees in the city by 2026. The team planted their saplings in the Lat Krabang industrial district, a stone’s throw from the AGS Thailand offices. They were joined by the Environmental Affairs Advisor to the Governor, Mr. Pornphrom … Continued

AGS Senegal eco-project revitalises soil sustainably

It was by chance, during a client’s move to Dakar, that Michel Giovannucci, director of AGS Senegal, met Willy Baey. The fellow Frenchman was delivering vegetables and dairy products to the same address. Willy’s produce not only looked delicious, it was also 100% organic, cultivated on his farm near the village of Bayakh. An agricultural … Continued

A Story of Know-How: Eddy Nait Liman, AGS Records Management

Eddy Nait Liman, head of three conservation centres in the Île-de-France (Paris) region, puts customer and team satisfaction and at the heart of his management style. “If someone is looking for me, I’m always in the field. I’m rarely in my office.” Eddy Nait Liman doesn’t stop. The AGS Records Management manager oversees three conservation … Continued

African masks representing Cameroon's culture
AGS Transports 260 Items of Cameroon’s Cultural Heritage to Paris

For the exhibition to be a success, all 260 objects first had to be safely collected from their custodians, the traditional rulers of western Cameroon. They were then flown to Paris for the three-month event before being returned home safely. The operation called for a transporter with intimate knowledge of the local terrain and the … Continued

History of words: Classification

In France, people have been thinking about organising records since 1807, when Daunou, the then Custodian of the Imperial Archives, sent a report to Emperor Napoleon. In it he explained the difficulties of managing the archives in his care and suggested various solutions. At the time, public archives were generally made up of state archives … Continued

AGS Algeria becomes the 40th AGS branch to get FAIM certified

The FAIM standard is widely seen as the gold standard of quality in the international moving industry, and Algeria branch manager Alexandre de Beauregard and his team now work at the only moving company in the country to have met its stringent requirements. The certification is overseen by FIDI, the global alliance of international moving … Continued

A story of know-how: Tchérylène MAIRET, Data Protection Officer

Tchérylène Mairet is AGS RM’s leading Data Protection Officer. Her goal is to achieve a balance between support for customer operations and the demands of privacy regulations. Having got to grips with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2017, compliance was her “state of mind” before it became her job. Since then, her mission … Continued

Romanian Acquisition Expands MOBILITAS European Records Management Division

The agreement grants the French-owned group access to a new European market for its records management services, which will be marketed in Romania under its flagship brand AGS Records Management. “The Distristoc acquisition has opened the door to new and exciting opportunities for us,” commented MOBILITAS Group CEO Cédric Castro. “As AGS Records Management, we … Continued

History of words: public archives

In France, the term public archives is used to describe all documents produced by the state, local authorities and public institutions. It also encompasses the records of private law enforcement agencies that manage a public service or a public service mission, as well as the minutes and registers of public or ministerial officers. Public archives … Continued

The role of women in the MOBILITAS Group: a commitment that goes back to the creation of the company

She would become the first in a long line of inspiring women to take the group from strength to strength. Next, her four children – the second generation – took the reins: sons Alain Taïeb, today Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Serge and Gilles and daughter Joëlle Castro, members of the Supervisory Board. As the … Continued

AGS Congo joins forces with Samu Social Pointe Noire

When the AGS team went hunting for a local NGO to support towards the end of last year, they could think of none better than the Samu Social Pointe Noire. “The NGO is part of Samu Social International and we completely agreed with their vision and their dedication,” explains Amina-Sarah Moussa, a VIE with the … Continued

Word History: The Meaning of Transfer in Records Management

The French word for transfer, versement, was first used in 1273 to describe the action of pouring a liquid. In his novel Les Misérables, Victor Hugo wrote: in this prodigious expenditure of rays, in this infinite transfer of liquid gold, one felt the prodigiousness of the inexhaustible. By 1695, transfer defined the action of paying … Continued

Laos set to become newest node in MOBILITAS Asian network, completing its footprint on the Indochinese Peninsula

Expected to open in summer 2023, the Laotian branch will be the final touch to the group’s Asian network. It will also complete the MOBILITAS footprint on the Indochinese Peninsula, complimenting the existing branches in Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.   A great opportunity When evaluating new markets to enter, Laos emerged as a natural … Continued

7000-year-old artefacts escape floods with help from AGS Bonaire

Given the artefacts’ great historical value, it’s no wonder that, when the custodians at the Terramar archaeological museum wanted to send a collection of them to Florida, USA, they commissioned the experienced team at AGS Bonaire to carry out the delicate task of packing and shipping. The project was scheduled for March 2023, but when … Continued

History of words: Final Disposition

In 1947, on the other side of the Atlantic, the Hoover Commission developed the records life-cycle theory to determine  the fate of the overwhelming mass of administrative documents produced during World War II. The theory supposes that documents have a lifecycle similar to that of living organisms: they are born (creation), they live (maintenance and … Continued

AGS receives International Agent of the Year
AGS Worldwide Movers named International Agent of the Year by Atlas World Group International

AGS Worldwide Movers, a global leader in international removals, is proud to announce that it has received the Atlas Word Group International’s 2022 International Agent of the Year award. Atlas® World Group International is a leading US-based global relocation services provider and subsidiary of Atlas® World Group. “As a proud Atlas Partner, we are committed … Continued

Legal digital copies of documents
AGS Records Management earns AFNOR NF 544 certification

AFNOR is the French Association of Standardisation, a member of the International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO). The NF 544 certification, which is based on the NZ Z42-026 standard, specifies the conditions under which paper-based records must be digitised for the resulting digital file to be considered a faithful copy of the original document. The standard … Continued

Memorist Launch - Heritage Gala
MOBILITAS Group’s Memorist Brand Unveiled at Heritage Gala

The event gave 500 professionals from the private and public sectors the opportunity to discover Memorist firsthand. The MOBILITAS Group’s heritage division is composed of five French companies, experts in the preservation, restoration, digitisation and sharing of heritage: Arkhênum, Art Graphique & Patrimoine, La Reliure du Limousin, TRIBVN Imaging and Vectracom. The Memorist launch also … Continued

Beginning of Bruce Lee's Kung Fu
Hong Kong, the Cradle of Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu

Although the martial artist, actor and director died almost 50 years ago, his legacy lives on in the streets of Hong Kong. His life-size bronze statue illuminates the city’s Avenue of Stars. Commemorating his triumphs in martial arts, it has become a must-see for tourists and expats alike. Bruce Lee is the international symbol of … Continued

Final records and their conservation
History of words: Final records

The French Heritage Code defines records as “all documents, regardless of their date, place of storage, form and medium, produced or received by any individual or legal entity and by any public or private service or organisation in the course of their activity” (Article L211). But records can have different statuses depending on their usefulness … Continued

The History of Words: Archival collection

Today, the Association of French Archivists defines an archival collection as a set of documents that a person, natural or legal, has produced or received during their daily activities, collected in an organic way and preserved for future use. However, the concept of maintaining collections – of grouping records from a specific institution or person … Continued

Thomas de Mallmannn, AGS Desk General Manager
VIE Portrait: Thomas de Mallmann

How did you become a VIE at MOBILITAS? I studied at business school in France, and part of the programme was a work placement at Thales. At the time, I had to complete a semester of study abroad, so I lived in Shanghai for six months. I loved the experience. When I returned to France … Continued

Morning glow at Victoria Falls, looking over Zimbabwe
Zambia takes strides in records management

Records management is a specialised field that requires expert attention. For this reason, the Zambian records management community, which includes banks, mining companies, local and international institutions, formed the Zambian Archives and Records Management Association (ZARMA). The association’s aim is to influence the drafting of the country’s records management regulations and ensure they meet international … Continued

As featured in The Mover: MOBILITAS acquires new facilities for AGS Uganda

It is the group’s first opportunity to own premises in Uganda since beginning operations in the country in 1995. “We are proud to strengthen our ties to a country in which we have already spent so many years,” commented Alain Taïeb, chairman of the MOBILITAS supervisory board. “This acquisition, is a sign of our commitment … Continued

Meet Laurent Onainty, Managing Director of the MOBILITAS Heritage Division.

After studying history for five years and specialising in records management, I met Christian Chabrier, one of the founders of Arkhênum. I quickly joined the company as an operator, becoming the first employee. Over the years, I have become an expert in digitisation and have witnessed the evolution of technology and its use in our … Continued

Tropical island of Koh Yao Noi in Phuket, Thailand
Expatriation: 4 things about Thailand you need to know

The main cities attracting expatriates Known as the economic heart of Thailand, Bangkok is the preferred destination for expatriates looking for new opportunities. The bustling city is a world where modernity and tradition meet and home to 15.6 million people. Pattaya is the largest seaside resort in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Located in the province … Continued

Meet Gaël Hamon, founder and president of AGP

As a master stonemason I worked on various prestigious restoration sites for five years before deciding to start a business in line with my values. My atypical career path led me to be crowned World Skills champion in 1991 in Amsterdam. AGP (Art Graphique & Patrimoine) was born in 1994 with the firm intention of … Continued

Welcome to the MOBILITAS family

On 18 May, the MOBILITAS Group had the pleasure of finalising discussions with another family business, Courte & Fils, for the acquisition of Nouméa Archives and Nouméa GED. The deal follows negotiations that were conducted by both parties in a spirit of mutual trust and good will. MOBILITAS will strive to perpetuate the culture put … Continued

MOBILITAS’ longstanding commitment to VIE

Why wait? Start your international career with the International Volunteers in Enterprise (VIE) programme! Available to French nationals and European Economic Area Citizens aged 18-28, this exciting scheme allows you to gain international work experience by working abroad. The family-owned MOBILITAS Group has supported the programme for many years by annually offering participants the chance … Continued

Moving to France from the UK – Top 10 things to consider

There’s a lot to consider before you move though! We’ve put together our top-10 tips to help you prepare for your move to the country the French call ‘L’Hexagone’.   1. Residency and Immigration Formalities Since the UK left the EU, it is true that moving to France has become more complicated for British citizens. … Continued

Most liveable cities in Canada
Moving to Canada: the top-10 most liveable cities – Part 1

Moving to Canada is an exciting prospect, but before you do, there is an important question that needs answering. Which city will you call home? According to several quality-of-life rankings, many Canadian cities are attractive candidates. We look at the three that stand out as top picks for newcomers.

AGS Tunisia VIE wins the Tunisia VIE Grand Prix

Congratulation to Sami Afankous! The AGS Movers VIE won the Performance Award on 30 March at the fifth edition of the Tunisia VIE Grand Prix. The event aimed to reward the best applications submitted by International Volunteers in Enterprise (VIE) who have been on assignment in the country since 1 January 2021. Applicants were evaluated … Continued

French Culture- A life of pleasant surprises awaits the British expat in France

Of course, there are baguettes, fine wines, and ‘haute couture’… but beyond the stereotypes, French culture runs so much deeper, and the only way to understand it as an expat living in France is to be a part of it. Here is a rundown of ‘all things culture’ to help you soak it all up … Continued

Fun Fact São Tomé: Traditional Tchiloli theatre honours French history

The theatrical tradition pays homage to a small part of French history. Located off the coast of West Africa, the island nation of less than 200,000 inhabitants and 1,000km2 has for centuries been the shrine to France’s oldest medieval epic, La Chanson de Roland, which it revisits every year through traditional theatre, known as Tchiloli. … Continued

What you need to know about Belgium’s new (and improved) impatriate tax regime

Who stands to benefit? The new impatriate tax regime is aimed at employees of multinational companies who are transferred from a foreign subsidiary to company headquarters in another country, in this case Belgium. These types of employees are known as impatriates. Under the new regime, two categories of impatriate employees will benefit: Employees or company … Continued

AGS Côte d’Ivoire, a centre of technology and innovation for the group

MOBILITAS again demonstrated on Friday 25 March 2022 that Côte d’Ivoire is a testing ground for the group. Vice-Chairman Paul Massardier inaugurated new state-of-the-art facilities in Yaou, in the presence of the town’s first deputy mayor, Sylvestre Toppé. Located some sixty kilometres from Abidjan, the logistics centre is constructed on an 18,000 m² plot of … Continued

Bangkok Useful info

Key websites   British Club Bangkok Welcoming members from any country, this non-political and non-denominational association is very popular with Bangkok’s English-speaking community, helping newcomers to adapt to life in Thailand. Members can register for events and outings, participate in lunches and drinks, and benefit from special rates with the association’s partners. Bangkok accueil serves … Continued

Three-stages theory in Records Management
Three stages theory

The three-stages theory is a fundamental principle of modern archival science. Archivists sort, file and process records to ensure their preservation and safe keeping. To do this, they classify each record into one of three stages, depending on its lifespan.   The three stages of records management Electronic files or physical documents that are newly … Continued

PELICHET innovates with office furniture recycling

During the early stages of the pandemic, many companies rearranged their offices to comply with public health regulations, spacing out employees’ desks or investing in new furniture. “We experienced a real boom in our office relocation and records management activities,” says Régis Serrière, PELICHET’s strategic development director. “Companies needed help managing both their offices and … Continued

Finding talent through Human Resources
Is relocation support the key to winning the ‘War for Talent’?

Management consulting firm McKinsey and Co. coined the term the global ‘War for Talent’ more than two decades ago to describe the talent shortage that multinational corporations in the USA and Europe faced as baby boomers began to retire. Thanks to the lower birth rates of younger generations, there were just not enough workers to … Continued

Canadian high air temperatures
Before moving to Canada, understand the weather!

Comprising high mountains, open prairies, boreal forests and arctic tundra, the diversity of the Canadian landscape is no coincidence. As the second largest country in the world, Canada’s many regions are shaped by dramatically contrasting weather conditions. It is impossible to settle in Canada without considering how the four seasons will impact your daily life. … Continued

The MOBILITAS Group visits the French National Assembly, symbol of French Heritage.

Through its heritage division, the MOBILITAS Group is stepping up its work in preserving and promoting cultural, artistic, and historical heritage. During a visit to the French National Assembly in February 2022, Alain Taïeb, Chairman of the MOBILITAS Supervisory Board, confirmed the group’s support for the developments in the Eure-et-Loir department. In a first for … Continued

City of Bangkok, Thailand
AGS Thailand’s best addresses

Discover the best addresses in Thailand, from local restaurants and weekend getaways to Thai boxing clubs. Read more on AGS News!

Fun fact Tanzania: Sauti za Busara music festival resonates around the world

Considered by the BBC World Service to be one of Africa’s best, the festival combines music, dance, and theatre to promote Swahili culture in all its diversity. Sauti za Busara, which means ‘Sounds of Wisdom’ in Swahili, showcases diverse genres, from taarab, the most popular form of music in Zanzibar, to hip-hop. Every summer, the … Continued

View of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Canada fast facts

Ses grands espaces naturels, le dynamisme de ses villes, sa poutine ou sa météo… Le Canada constitue un pays où il fait bon vivre et à la qualité de vie exemplaire. Mais avant de vous installer là-bas, mieux vaut bien connaître ce qui fait aujourd’hui l’originalité de cette Nation.

Two African elephants bathing in Botswana
Botswana – the land of exiled giants

The southern African nation is home to half the continent’s elephants, almost 130 000, tens of thousands of which entered the country from neighbouring Angola during its 27-year civil war which ended in 2002.   A safe passage home In recent years, increasing conflicts with farmers and shortages of food and water have led the Botswanan … Continued

AGS Movers Prague assists kids charity market
For the children by the children

Shortly after he arrived in Prague, Czech Republic, French ex-semi-professional footballer Andrew Argent founded League5. Borrowing from a similar concept in France, the company specialises in organising sporting events around the city. A uniquely local touch is the expat kids football club that Andrew runs on Sunday mornings. “Our aim is to increase the children’s … Continued

Diginove pioneers with geospatial data
How Diginove innovates with geospatial data

By investing in the Aix-based company, the MOBILITAS Group has given new impetus to the growth of its physical and digital records management division. The objective is now to turn the French gem into an essential player in geospatial data. At the Aerosud trade fair, Diginove took part in a round table on how to … Continued

Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation
AGS moves art in honour of Tutu

Titled Art for the Arch, the black-tie affair raised funds through the auction of works donated by esteemed South African, Namibian, Zimbabwean and UK artists. As a partner in the event, the French Embassy of South Africa called on the French-owned AGS Group to ship the pieces from Johannesburg to the foundation’s Cape Town headquarters, … Continued

Camels going through Sahara Desert
Fun Fact: The Douz festival, the gateway to the Sahara

Against a backdrop of sand dunes, the International Sahara Festival celebrated its 54th edition from 25 to 28 December 2021. Set in the town of Douz, on the edge of the Sahara, it is a celebration of the Mrazigs, a nomadic desert tribe synonymous with the Arab-Berber cultures in Tunisia. The festival began in 1910 … Continued

Melissa Vera Cruz, local manager profile
Behind the brand: Melissa Vera Cruz – AGS Guinea‑Bissau

How did you come to work for AGS? After completing my studies in business administration, accounting, and finance in London in 2009, I started working in SMEs, doing auditing and accounting. When I returned to Guinea-Bissau in 2017, I wanted to take on both an operational and managerial role. I submitted my CV to a … Continued

The MOBILITAS Group’s Heritage Division plays a key role in the cultural and creative industries.

The preservation and promotion of our heritage is the number one mission of the MOBILITAS Group’s heritage division. On the occasion of a masterclass, organised at the end of November, Alain Taïeb, Laurent Onainty and Gaël Hamon reminded us of this during a journey to the heart of the often unknown and hitherto unexploited treasures of French heritage.

Move with AGS in Rodrigues island
One man’s big move to a small island

“Fresh out of university, I read The Millennial Project, by Marshall T. Savage. The first chapter proposes self-sufficient floating islands to house the growing global population, and I was fascinated by the idea,” he remembers. “It started me on a career focused on self-contained sustainability.” But, as Jon soon realised, ensuring sustainable supplies of water, … Continued

A new chapter in the development of the MOBILITAS Heritage Division

Tahiti in May, Côte d’Ivoire in September, in the space of a few months the MOBILITAS Group has begun to develop its international heritage division, the group’s new strategic target. The expansion further diversifies our global service offering and complements our other strategic activities, namely removals, records management, and relocation. The heritage division brings together … Continued

ALETIA, un centre de formation pour les ETI familiales et patrimoniales
ALETIA, a corporate university developed for and by family-owned medium-sized enterprises

The challenges of working for a family-owned company may differ from the challenges at other companies. Therefore, the needs of employees are also different. This was the starting point that led to the creation of the ALETIA training organisation (Alliance des ETI Agiles). Six family-owned and operated French companies wanted to offer their employees training … Continued

Pelichet on winners’ podium at International Trade Council’s Go Global Awards

Pelichet, the removal’s specialist for goods and people, recently won the prestigious Silver Award in the Logistics category of the International Trade Council’s Go Global Awards. The award recognises the company’s achievements, from its creation 130 years ago in Switzerland to its global expansion.

Fun facts moving to Hanoi
Fun Fact: Hanoi, the new magnetic city in Asia

Hanoi is known to be very welcoming of foreigners and benefits greatly from its geographical location and proximity to China. The city is overtaking Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong, which have become too expensive for many. It also provides direct access to all regions of the country and is increasingly establishing itself as an economic … Continued

Arkhênum strengthens its international presence in Germany

Arkhênum, one of the leaders in heritage digitisation in Europe, has reached a new milestone. Based in Bordeaux since 1999, the company is now heading for the international market. It recently opened new permanent preservation and digitisation centres in Geneva and Berlin. “Our wish is to better serve heritage wherever it is,” says Laurent Onainty. … Continued

Joelle Castro Légion d'honneur, 2019
The Taïeb and Castro families in service of entrepreneurship

After receiving the Légion d’Honneur in 2019, this accolade from IAM is another acknowledgement of Joëlle Castro’s unique career. Beyond her professional activities, which led her to hold numerous positions within the family-owned MOBILITAS Group and to be a member of its board of directors since 2016, she is above all a woman dedicated to … Continued

Fun Fact: Tokyo, the world’s largest city

When we talk about the largest city in the world, it is important to be specific: the largest by surface area or the largest by number of inhabitants? While Eeyou Istchee James Bay (Canada) seems to be the winner in terms of surface area, covering no less than 335,818 km2, Tokyo wins in terms of … Continued

Executive Relocation's sustainable development
Executive Relocations receives the EcoVadis Platinum Medal

This distinction is an achievement for the Executive Relocations’ team, who for more than 30 years has managed employees’ domestic and global mobility on behalf of companies worldwide. In France, Executive Relocations benefits from a local network of 10 regional offices with over 200 expert consultants. Internationally, a network of 300 certified partners across 55 … Continued

Fun fact: Cheese-Rolling on Cooper’s Hill (Gloucestershire)

For more than a century, the southwest county has hosted the Cheese-Rolling Festival, a unique competition set atop Cooper’s Hill, in Gloucerstershire, that attracts thousands of spectators. The principle is simple: on the last Monday in May, a wheel of six-month-old Double Gloucester, 30cm in diameter and weighing almost four kilos, is rolled from the summit. … Continued

A digital solution for every need

Electronic records management is not to be confused with an IT management solution, nor a computer backup; it is a records management solution. Indeed, digital records management preserves the legal value of digital files, from their creation until the end of their retention period. Far from data storage or backups, electronic records management is an … Continued

The history of words: digitisation

The word digitisation might be of very recent origin; it is nonetheless becoming more and more essential to the management of information and records.

Passing the baton: the story of valuable veterans

When AGS Togo driver Lambert retired after 24 years of unbroken service, it was the first going away party Branch Manager Emilie Ducert had had to organise in a long time

AGS Records Management boosts Rwandan operations with purpose-built facility

Work is almost complete on the new records management centre commissioned by the AGS Group for construction just outside the Rwandan capital, Kigali.

Rethinking tomorrow – the strength of family business

As son and grandson of the founders of the MOBILITAS Group, Alain Taïeb and his nephew, Cédric Castro, were invited to speak at the latest Family Business Network (FBN) event, held virtually on 17 September 2020

Digitising for the past – and above all for the future

Digitisation can give new life to archives that once lay dormant on shelves

AGS Records Management supports local NPO providing early development training

AGS Records Management has teamed up with a non-profit to support children and upskill women from disadvantaged backgrounds.

AGS Tanzania transports insect collection to Germany

AGS Tanzania and AGS Germany teamed up to transport an unusual and unique cargo from Tanzania to Germany.

A look at the world of records management by Karen Truebody, AGS International Director

The retention of company records is not a choice, it’s a requirement. Throughout the world, governments require corporations to keep their accounting records for specified periods, in some cases up to 10 years, but that’s only half the story. Whether or not a company is required by law to retain documents, the ability to retrieve … Continued

Cédric CASTRO AGS Group CEO: Protecting the present, guarantees our future

We offer our deep support and solidarity to you and your family during these unusual times. At AGS, the health and safety of our colleagues, our clients, our partners and the communities we live in have always been a priority. As governments around the world put measures in place to contain this global health crisis, … Continued

AGS V.I.E honoured at grand prix for Central Africa

Victor Roussel, a Volontaire International en Entreprise (international corporate volunteer) at AGS Douala in Cameroon, won the Performance and Integration category of the Grand Prix VIE Award for Central Africa on 26 November 2019. The Awards ceremony was held at the Consul General’s residence in Douala.   (picture : From left to right: Pascal Louchelart, Vice-Chairman of … Continued

AGS Morocco transports masterpieces
throughout Africa

AGS Morocco was selected by the Foundation for Development of the Contemporary African Culture (FDCCA) to transport artworks as part of a travelling exhibition of contemporary art across the African continent. AGS Morocco was selected by the Foundation for Development of the Contemporary African Culture (FDCCA) to transport artworks as part of a travelling exhibition … Continued

AGS VIE competes in Douala International Marathon

Victor Roussel, a VIE, Volontaire International en Entreprise (International Corporate Volunteer) at AGS Douala, together with other VIEs in Cameroon, completed the half-marathon of the Douala International Marathon on 27 October 2019. The VIE programme enables young French graduates to go on a professional assignment in French companies and organisations around the world. The mission … Continued

AGS Guadeloupe transports artwork masterpieces

As part of the exhibition “The black model, from Géricault to Picasso”, AGS Guadeloupe was tasked to take charge of the transportation of works of art from the airport to the Memorial ACTe. The Caribbean Centre for Expression and Remembrance of Trafficking and Slavery (Memorial ACTe) in Guadeloupe is welcoming an awe-inspiring exhibition dedicated to … Continued

AGS Paris’ team runs the Paris 10K

Ten members of AGS Paris teamed up to compete in the Paris 10K road race in the heart of the French capital. A team from AGS Paris took part in the 9th Paris 10K on Sunday, 9 June 2019. Sponsored by Adidas for the second year in a row, this ten-kilometre race takes place right … Continued

AGS Warsaw participates in French high school party

The AGS Polish branch installed an inflatable truck for the delight of children at this year’s French high school party in Warsaw.   AGS Warsaw participated in the year-end party of the French Lycée of Warsaw, under a beautiful early summer sun. The party, which took place on 29 June 2019, is a very popular … Continued

AGS sponsors French military Cross-country Championship

AGS Paris supports associations that help families of children with rare diseases as part of its partnership with the French military Cross-country Championship.   As a partner of the French military, AGS Paris recently participated in the Cross-country Championship which took place at the Beynes Camp in Yvelines.   The event gathered the 250 best … Continued

AGS Paris participates in the Foire de Paris

More than thirty AGS Paris staff members, supported by branch managers from the French Overseas Territories, were present at the Foire de Paris 2019. AGS Paris has once again risen to the occasion and represented the group at this year’s Foire de Paris. This major European exhibition celebrated its 14th year and was held at … Continued

The ultimate honour

Steve Jordan interviews Jöelle Castro, France’s newest Chevalier of the Legion of Honour.   On 22 October, Jöelle Castro, Director of Mobilitas, the group that embraces such iconic industry names as AGS, Stuttafords and Pelichet, was presented with the award Chevalier of the Legion of Honour by the French government. I was keen to learn … Continued

PICKFORDS joins campaign to feed Port Elizabeth

  Pickfords Port Elizabeth is proud to be one of the main partners of a new campaign to collect everyday essentials in aid of the poor and marginalised in the city.     The campaign, which is organised by Love Story, a local relief organisation, will take place over the next four months. Established in 2012, … Continued

MOBILITAS focuses on assets

In a recent article published in The Mover Magazine, MOBILITAS Group Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Alain Taïeb discussed the group’s continued focus on asset acquisition, price competition and the competition of online companies.   MOBILITAS started as a small moving company named AGS in 1974 and has since grown to become one of the … Continued

The outsourcing of records storage management has the wind in its sails

Over the last few years, the outsourcing of physical and digital archiving has been trending. What are the reasons behind the enthusiasm shown by public and private entities?
Samuel Mergui, the international manager for records management in the Mobilitas Group, enlightens us.

The Mobilitas Group’s growth and vitality in the Indochinese peninsula

After Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar, AGS is preparing itself for the deployment of its project in Laos. Thus, by covering the entire Indochinese peninsula, AGS will be the sole service provider in South East Asia to offer unrivalled relocation and record storage services for private individuals and companies. The group is currently booming.

The Mobilitas Group conquering the African dream

Present in the continent’s 54 countries since 2016, the group has invested in, recruited, trained and developed, country after country, region after region, speciality after speciality.
A removal company at the beginning, Mobilitas is pursuing its objectives and is investing today for tomorrow in its new activities, relocation and physical and digital storage of documents and archives.