History of expertise: Frédéric Rousseau, Deputy Director of Operations

While AGS Records Management is a story of expertise, it is also the story of the men and women who support companies in their document management and digitisation strategies. Frédéric Rousseau, Deputy Director of Operations, talks about his responsibilities and his role as the guiding hand behind all records management projects.

Frederic Rousseau, an Expert in Logistics and Archiving

Although Frédéric Rousseau began his studies in literature, he quickly switched to a professional degree in the much more tangible world of logistics. After beginning his career distributing event equipment, his ambitions ultimately led him to apply for a job with the MOBILITAS Group.

In his role as Chief Operating Officer for the group’s French records management facilities, he discovered and embraced the records management sector. So much so that when MOBILITAS acquired Pro Archives Systèmes, he joined the new subsidiary as Deputy Director of Operations, in charge of its sites in the north of France, from Quimper to Strasbourg and from Lille to Tours.


Pure logistics

“I make a point of being with my teams in person, even on weekends, if necessary,” says Frédéric Rousseau. “I’m happy to roll up my sleeves to help with the containers.” Day to day, Frederic oversees 80 employees who do the physical jobs involved with records management. From pick-ups at customer sites to in-house projects at conservation facilities, stock management, and consultation, there is no shortage of work. “75% of it is pure logistics,” insists the man who initiates each project and creates the momentum that drives his teams forward. At each site, he checks that everything is in order but also responds to requests and finds appropriate solutions.


Never a dull moment

“AGS Records Management recently won a tender to recover no fewer than 68,000 containers of archives. I need to divide them across our different sites,” he explains. That’s also teamwork. Frédéric always works to find the most efficient solution and keep his teams motivated, all while meeting customer requirements. This sometimes involves pooling the resources of multiple sites. “You need a global view by region and by scope to allocate resources where they are needed,” he confides. “You must always rise to the challenge, and that’s what motivates me.”


Optimising operational performance

This year he is teaming up with one of his deputies in Paris to devise a transport system for daily file deliveries to one of the region’s major clients. “Instead of outsourcing this service, we showed it was more cost-effective to for us handle it internally while maintaining top-notch quality,” he explains. Finding ways to boost performance like this are what energise Frédéric, just like the excitement of setting up new conservation centres by the end of 2025. This is a man who always moves forward and never slows down.

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