Founded in 1974, the MOBILITAS Group has grown in just a few years from a French family-run SME to an international mid-market company. MOBILITAS is at the forefront of developments its main fields: removals, international mobility management, records management, and heritage preservation, digitisation and sharing. We also continually develop our global network to be as close as possible to our customers and offer them tailor-made services in increasingly demanding and competitive markets.

Our core activities

MOBILITAS offers tailor-made services for national and international moves.

Through the years, MOBILITAS has built a division of relocation experts who are able to craft comprehensive mobility solutions.

MOBILITAS offers customised and comprehensive document-management solutions, digitisation and EDM.

Globally, MOBILITAS preserves and enhances the heritage of more than 2000 private and public institutions.

MOBILITAS reinforces its offer in the field of image processing, automatic document recognition and geospatial data management.

Map of our activities

Each day, we dedicate all of our talent and energy to deliver on our promise of excellence, anywhere in the world.
Cédric Castro - Chief Executive Officer

MOBILITAS Group continues to develop its network in order to supply its clients with the support and assistance they need to prosper. “To be a trailblazer” is the philosophy that has guided MOBILITAS in its expansion policy. Present in 102 countries, MOBILITAS:

380 locations in the world:

  • 169 in Europe
  • 139 in Africa
  • 38 in Asia
  • 29 in the Caribbean and FOT
  • 5 in the Middle-East

Offers unparalleled services with the same quality standards throughout its network.

Throughout the years, MOBILITAS has added brands to its portfolio that are prestigious leaders in their countries. Each brand continues to develop its expertise, building on its history and enriching the group’s diverse DNA. This growth strategy enables the Group to innovate and develop around new activities.