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Created in 1974 under the name AGS, the MOBILITAS Group evolved, in only a few years, from a family-owned small and medium enterprise to an international medium-sized company. Constantly at the forefront of changes that impact the removals, relocations and records management sectors, MOBILITAS is constantly developing its global network to always be at its clients’ side and comply with their requirements, in markets that are ever more demanding and competitive.

Our core activities

MOBILITAS offers a quality and customised removals and storage solutions anywhere in the world.

MOBILITAS, your relocation expert, assists companies and private individuals during their relocation, anywhere in the world.

MOBILITAS offers customised records management solutions. Physical records management, digital archiving and digitisation.

MOBILITAS offers the general public heritage imaging and digital library sharing solutions.

MOBILITAS offers innovative company and office removal services, adapted to your activity and your requirements.

MOBILITAS is a prefered partner of professionals and art enthusiasts to ensure the secure transportation of artwork.

MOBILITAS offers customised hospitality management, furniture installation and hotel equipment services.

With its dedicated structure, MOBILITAS offers global tenancy management solutions to take care of our clients’ needs.

Map of our activities

Each day, we dedicate all of our talent and energy to deliver on our promise of excellence, anywhere in the world.
Cédric Castro - Chief Executive Officer

MOBILITAS Group continues to develop its network in order to supply its clients with the support and assistance they need to prosper. “To be a trailblazer” is the philosophy that has guided MOBILITAS in its expansion policy. Present in 97 countries, MOBILITAS:

332 locations in the world:

  • 150 in Europe
  • 128 in Africa
  • 33 in Asia
  • 18 in the Caribbean and FOT
  • 3 in the Middle-East

Offers unparalleled services with the same quality standards throughout its network.

Throughout the years, MOBILITAS has added brands to its portfolio that are prestigious leaders in their countries. Each brand continues to develop its expertise, building on its history and enriching the group’s diverse DNA. This growth strategy enables the Group to innovate and develop around new activities.

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Our key dates

Isaac and Sarah Taïeb found AGS, a removals company based in Paris.

Creation of AGS Guadeloupe, first branch located outside of mainland France.

Purchase of a British company which brings the group into the Anglo-Saxon market, creation of AGS London.

Creation of AGS Ivory Coast. The 1990s saw the group’s expansion in Africa. After Ivory Coast, AGS opens a branch in Kenya and develops rapidly in the Eastern African market.

Acquisition of Les déménageurs bretons, leader in national removals in France.

Acquisition of DÉMÉPOOL in France.

Acquisition of the Laser Transport Group (Frasers, Stuttafords Van Lines, Pickfords, Magna Thomson) in South Africa. MOBILITAS becomes the leader in Southern Africa.

The purchase of Executive Relocations brings the group into the relocations market, thereby addressing its clients’ needs and strengthening its services in Europe.

Expansion in Asia with the acquisition of the Four Winds International Group in China, and then of Trinity in India

Launch of self-storage services in France.

Launch of physical and digital records management services via the acquisition of ARCHIV SYSTEM.

Acquisition of Coussaert in Belgium.

Acquisition of Pelichet in Switzerland.

AGS opens in the Middle East with a service offering in removals and relocation.

Acquisition of Pietsch, a records management company in Germany.

Acquisition of Froesch International Removals,
in Germany.

Launch of Executive Relocations in Africa.

Merger between AGS and Archiv System. The group becomes a major actor in the records storage industry.

Purchase of Arkhênum, a company that’s a niche player in heritage imaging

MOBILITAS affirms its presence and its activities in each of the 54 countries in Africa.

MOBILITAS continues with its expansion in Europe and the Caribbean with the acquisition of the Noble Mobility Group in the Netherlands.

Acquisitions in progress in records management and international removals in France, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Acquisition of the network “UniGroup in Asia”

With the acquisition of 100% of Pro Archives Systèmes, MOBILITAS strengthens its leadership in the field of physical and digital records management in France.

Afa Logistics
Acquisition of 28% of Doc’Archives
AZ Services Rhônes-Alpes-Auvergne
Archives Landaises
Archiv Services in Bosnia

Diginove, a start-up specialising in digital data processing and satellite imagery, joins forces with MOBILITAS.

MOBILITAS continues its strong development in physical and digital records management in France. Acquisition of 100% of Archibald, Toulouse.

Creation of the Heritage division within MOBILITAS. Investment in the companies La Reliure du Limousin, Tribvn, and Art Graphique et Patrimoine (AGP), that join Arkhênum and enhance the heritage offer.

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Employees worldwide


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Our head office

Our head office

+33 1 40 85 90 00

14, rue Denis Papin, 95250, Beauchamp.