Joining forces to guide young Franco Caribbeans into records management

AGS and the Guadeloupe Chamber of Trades and Crafts (CMAR) signed a historic agreement during last month’s Foire De Paris, an annual trade fair of special significance to the French overseas communities.

AGS and CMAR Creating Job Opportunities in the French Overseas Territories

Signed in the presence of elected representatives from the French Caribbean and the President of the Guadeloupe region, the partnership aims to not only strengthen the relationship between the two entities but develop employment in the Caribbean by offering apprenticeships in records management to the local youth.

“This agreement is important to us,” emphasised Paul Massardier, Group Chief Operating Officer of Mobilitas, AGS’s parent company, at the signing ceremony. “The French overseas departments and territories are where we learned everything. They are still at the heart of our strategy today, as they will be in future.”


More support for local entrepreneurs

For more than twenty years, CMAR has helped young French Caribbean entrepreneurs and craftsmen promote their products and expertise at major events like the Foire de Paris. As part of the agreement, AGS will support CMAR by shipping the products and equipment exhibited at these events by sea at preferential rates.

“AGS has a long history in the French Caribbean,” says Paul Massardier. “Nearly 50 years ago, Guadeloupe became our first overseas subsidiary.”

“Guadeloupe was the starting point for all our development in the greater Caribbean region, Europe and Africa,” adds Alain Providenti, AGS Market Manager for the French overseas departments and regions.


Focus on records management training

The other major pillar of the agreement is, of course, the apprenticeships, which will help young people in the French Caribbean and Guyana enter the records management sector. Records management has been a core activity for AGS since 2008. In Guadeloupe, its fully secure records conservation warehouse spans 2,400m2, guaranteeing optimal document preservation for AGS customers.

With the support of CMAR, the AGS-led training programme will combine theory and practical experience to teach the knowledge required to work in a records management facility. For Paul Massardier, the agreement will make it easier for young people to progress in the records management industry, a sector that is currently experiencing a labour shortage. Through AGS they will gain access to potential jobs and, why not, international careers through VIE or VTE placements.


Join us in empowering the next generation of Franco Caribbean professionals. Contact us for more information about our records management services!

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