The MOBILITAS Group was built around family values that have been consistently upheld for close to 50 years. These values, among which is a commitment to promoting ethical business conduct, have enabled us to remain focused on our long-term vision in an-ever changing environment.

We understand that we have a duty to the communities in which we operate. To manage our environmental impact and ensure respect for human rights, MOBILITAS has implemented a sustainable development policy and supports community and humanitarian initiatives worldwide.

1/ We stand for reforestation with the NGO Planète Urgence

The NGO’s mission is to develop environmental sustainability projects that fight deforestation and ecosystem destruction while contributing to the economic development of local communities.
MOBILITAS has partnered with Planète Urgence for the last 12 years.

Since the beginning of the partnership, 316 000 trees have been planted: in Mali, Haiti, in the Mahakam delta in Indonesia, and in Madagascar’s tapia forests.

In 2022, 24 000 trees were planted with our support.


2/ We adhere to the United Nations Global Compact

The MOBILITAS Group strictly adheres to the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, defending human rights, work, the environment, and the fight against corruption.

Since our creation, we have grown into a worldwide company, active on four continents. Our international footprint raises challenges that we are committed to addressing in a manner that respects our core values of resilience, acknowledgement, legacy, and stability.

These values constitute the pillars of our commitment to sustainable development and sustainable business practices around the world.

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