Preserving German Theatre Heritage: Digitisation at Hessian State Archives

Exterior view of the Hessian State Archives building

Preserving German theatrical heritage

The Hessian State Archives in Darmstadt launched an ambitious project to digitise their archives on the region’s theatrical history. MEMORIST was selected for this large-scale project, entrusting the preservation of this heritage to its new German studio in Berlin.

The State Archives of Hesse play a central role in preserving the history of the state and its predecessors, housing almost 150 linear kilometres of written archives and hundreds of thousands of documents open to the public. The project involved digitising the holdings of the Hoftheater and Landestheater to trace the complete history of these institutions, from their administration to their internal workings.


State-of-the-art digitisation process

MEMORIST, renowned for its expertise in heritage preservation, provided state-of-the-art digitisation equipment and mobilised its experts for this project. A custom-made interface facilitated 2D digitisation and ensured that operations were managed efficiently.

The digitisation of the Hessian State Archives will enable the documents to be made available on the Arcinsys platform, accessible online and in the reading room. This partnership strengthens MEMORIST’s commitment to the preservation of German heritage and confirms its position on the international market.

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