AGS supports young Haitians in uncertain times

Amid Haiti's often perilous social and security conditions, AGS is supporting young people who want to improve their prospects through education.

AGS changing lives in Haiti through education

With gangs gaining a foothold and the number of major crimes setting “new records”, the UN warns that many Haitians are living in a climate of unprecedented danger. Against this backdrop, AGS is helping motivated young Haitians better their lives through learning.

Since opening its doors in Port-au-Prince in 2012, AGS Haiti has built a network both internationally amongst the French diaspora and in the local neighbourhood. “People know us, also the young people here, and we help those who are genuinely motivated to study to improve their prospects,” says Alain Douafli, branch manager in Haiti.


Motivation first and foremost

The initiative, launched by his predecessor Lucien Kancel, relies chiefly on the motivation of the young people seeking support. First, they send a letter to Douafli, who then meets with them to hear their case. If successful, AGS undertakes to pay their application and tuition fees at Haiti Tec, a technical and vocational training centre in Port-au-Prince.  A team member from AGS Haiti will also act as their sponsor, providing additional support. “But we do ask them to pay for their own enrolment, as proof of their commitment,” stresses the branch manager. “The young people we support regularly come talk to us about their results and how their courses are going.”

In 2022, AGS supported a young woman who is now an accounting graduate. This year, the branch is supporting two young men, one of whom wants to take a mechanics course to repair motorbikes. “I see a twofold benefit in this: supporting this young man now and then, in the future, being able to entrust him with the repair of our branch’s motorbikes or those of our employees,” says Douafli.


Keeping in touch

The branch manager tries to keep in touch with the young people he supports as much as possible, inviting them to branch events, for example. Those who don’t find a job immediately are offered the chance to work for AGS as seasonal workers, when labour needs are high. “We know them, we know their work ethic and that we can rely on them. Having a back-up plan for if they can’t find a job is reassuring for them and for us.”

As a member of the UN Global Compact, AGS supports local communities around the world. To find out more about the work we do, see our latest Communication on Progress.

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