MOBILITAS Group’s Memorist Brand Unveiled at Heritage Gala

The event gave 500 professionals from the private and public sectors the opportunity to discover Memorist firsthand. The MOBILITAS Group’s heritage division is composed of five French companies, experts in the preservation, restoration, digitisation and sharing of heritage: Arkhênum, Art Graphique & Patrimoine, La Reliure du Limousin, TRIBVN Imaging and Vectracom. The Memorist launch also … Continued

Hong Kong, the Cradle of Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu

Although the martial artist, actor and director died almost 50 years ago, his legacy lives on in the streets of Hong Kong. His life-size bronze statue illuminates the city’s Avenue of Stars. Commemorating his triumphs in martial arts, it has become a must-see for tourists and expats alike. Bruce Lee is the international symbol of … Continued

History of words: Final records

The French Heritage Code defines records as “all documents, regardless of their date, place of storage, form and medium, produced or received by any individual or legal entity and by any public or private service or organisation in the course of their activity” (Article L211). But records can have different statuses depending on their usefulness … Continued

The History of Words: Archival collection

Today, the Association of French Archivists defines an archival collection as a set of documents that a person, natural or legal, has produced or received during their daily activities, collected in an organic way and preserved for future use. However, the concept of maintaining collections – of grouping records from a specific institution or person … Continued

VIE Portrait: Thomas de Mallmann

How did you become a VIE at MOBILITAS? I studied at business school in France, and part of the programme was a work placement at Thales. At the time, I had to complete a semester of study abroad, so I lived in Shanghai for six months. I loved the experience. When I returned to France … Continued

Zambia takes strides in records management

Records management is a specialised field that requires expert attention. For this reason, the Zambian records management community, which includes banks, mining companies, local and international institutions, formed the Zambian Archives and Records Management Association (ZARMA). The association’s aim is to influence the drafting of the country’s records management regulations and ensure they meet international … Continued

Internal Relocation

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Fun Fact Singapore: The Hungry Ghost Festival

Like Americans, Singaporeans celebrate their ghosts once a year, during the Hungry Ghost Festival, also known as Zhong Yuan Jie (中元节). According to tradition, the souls of the dead roam the earth and are likely to get up to mischief if ignored. To keep them in good spirits, the living present them with offerings over … Continued