The expertise of Memorist, the heritage division

Memorist is a unique centre of expertise that combines traditional heritage preservation techniques and innovative technologies to produce tailor-made solutions that enable the preservation of heritage in all its forms, in France and abroad. The agile deployment of this know-how on an international scale allows Memorist to support museums, public institutions, private companies and NGOs in France and abroad, on small and large projects alike. Our mission is to preserve, restore, digitise and promote heritage.


Arkhênum was created in 1999 and is today recognised as a European leader in the digitisation of old documents (bound and unbound) and in the preservation and enhancement of the historical collections of major luxury, business and media brands.

Art Graphique & Patrimoine

AGP, founded in 1994, is the French leader in the 3D-digitisation of historical monuments, architectural heritage, works of art and object collections. AGP was a pioneer in using BIM, augmented reality and virtual reality technologies in digital heritage preservation.

La Reliure du Limousin

La Reliure du Limousin, founded in 1950, is the leading French atelier for the preservation of written heritage. The company comprises 60 craftsmen dedicated to the restoration of old documents, including registers, bundles, pictorial documents and parchments.


Tribvn, founded in 1988, specialises in the high-definition digitisation of graphic and photographic collections, objects and textiles through highly customisable technical solutions.


Vectracom was founded in 1991 and specialises in the preservation, digitisation and distribution of audio and video media in any format. The company also makes audio-visual content more accessible by way of subtitling, audio descriptions, voice-overs and meta-data enrichment.