Our Expertise

The group has brought together experts in the fields of heritage preservation restoration, digitisation and enhancement, to offer a complete range of services to realise the objectives of client projects, whatever their maturity. Four French companies specialised in these activities have joined forces with Arkhênum and MOBILITAS through financial investment or powerful commercial agreements. Alongside Arkhênum, TRIBVN Imaging, Art Graphique et Patrimoine, La Reliure du Limousin and Cité de mémoire have joined the heritage division bringing together exceptional and complementary skills:


Arkhênum, specialist in comprehensive preservation solutions for hardcopy heritage collections, ranging from strategic consulting to the digitisation of all types of parchments, registers and historical works, and the creation of virtual museums.

Tribvn Imaging

Tribvn Imaging, provider of tailor-made technical solutions for the faithful, high-definition digitisation of rare documents (particularly photographic collections).

Art Graphique et Patrimoine

Art Graphique et Patrimoine (AGP), leader in the 3D digitisation of buildings, historical monuments, objects, statues, etc., and a pioneer in augmented reality for cultural heritage (ex. virtual museums).

La Reliure du Limousin

La Reliure du Limousin, specialist in the preventive conservation (dust removal, etc.) and restoration of books, parchments, engravings and historical documents.