Word History: The Meaning of Transfer in Records Management

The French word for transfer, versement, was first used in 1273 to describe the action of pouring a liquid. In his novel Les Misérables, Victor Hugo wrote: in this prodigious expenditure of rays, in this infinite transfer of liquid gold, one felt the prodigiousness of the inexhaustible. By 1695, transfer defined the action of paying … Continued

Laos set to become newest node in MOBILITAS Asian network, completing its footprint on the Indochinese Peninsula

Expected to open in summer 2023, the Laotian branch will be the final touch to the group’s Asian network. It will also complete the MOBILITAS footprint on the Indochinese Peninsula, complimenting the existing branches in Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.   A great opportunity When evaluating new markets to enter, Laos emerged as a natural … Continued

7000-year-old Artefacts Escape Floods With Help From AGS Bonair

Given the artefacts’ great historical value, it’s no wonder that, when the custodians at the Terramar archaeological museum wanted to send a collection of them to Florida, USA, they commissioned the experienced team at AGS Bonaire to carry out the delicate task of packing and shipping. The project was scheduled for March 2023, but when … Continued

History of words: Final Disposition

In 1947, on the other side of the Atlantic, the Hoover Commission developed the records life-cycle theory to determine  the fate of the overwhelming mass of administrative documents produced during World War II. The theory supposes that documents have a lifecycle similar to that of living organisms: they are born (creation), they live (maintenance and … Continued

AGS Worldwide Movers named International Agent of the Year by Atlas World Group International

AGS Worldwide Movers, a global leader in international removals, is proud to announce that it has received the Atlas Word Group International’s 2022 International Agent of the Year award. Atlas® World Group International is a leading US-based global relocation services provider and subsidiary of Atlas® World Group. “As a proud Atlas Partner, we are committed … Continued

AGS Records Management earns AFNOR NF 544 certification

AFNOR is the French Association of Standardisation, a member of the International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO). The NF 544 certification, which is based on the NZ Z42-026 standard, specifies the conditions under which paper-based records must be digitised for the resulting digital file to be considered a faithful copy of the original document. The standard … Continued

MOBILITAS Group’s Memorist Brand Unveiled at Heritage Gala

The event gave 500 professionals from the private and public sectors the opportunity to discover Memorist firsthand. The MOBILITAS Group’s heritage division is composed of five French companies, experts in the preservation, restoration, digitisation and sharing of heritage: Arkhênum, Art Graphique & Patrimoine, La Reliure du Limousin, TRIBVN Imaging and Vectracom. The Memorist launch also … Continued

Hong Kong, the Cradle of Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu

Although the martial artist, actor and director died almost 50 years ago, his legacy lives on in the streets of Hong Kong. His life-size bronze statue illuminates the city’s Avenue of Stars. Commemorating his triumphs in martial arts, it has become a must-see for tourists and expats alike. Bruce Lee is the international symbol of … Continued