Memorist’s Heritage Virtual Scene at VivaTech

HERITAGE VIRTUAL SCENE is a service that designs and markets high quality digital replicas created from the 3D digitisation of architectural heritage. It was developed by Memorist company Art Graphique & Patrimoine (AGP) in partnership with multiple French cultural institutions. AGP is a leader in the 3D digitisation of cultural heritage.   A digital replica … Continued

Mobilitas sustainability report for 2022 now available.

As a member of the UN Global Compact, we release this report annually to demonstrate how we are implementing the Compact’s Ten Principles in our day-to-day operations. In 2022, we were active on multiple fronts, from aiding communities affected by natural disasters to reducing the energy consumption of our vehicle fleet. Importantly, we also formally … Continued

How family-owned SMEs innovated by founding their own university

Joining forces for better training and development. This is the idea that drove GT Logistics, GT Solutions, Poclain, Radiall, Terideal and MOBILITAS to found the Alliance for Agile SMEs (ALETIA) in 2017. United by their long-term vision, shared values like legacy and loyalty, and a desire to invest in their employees, their goal was to … Continued

History of words: Time stamping

Historically, when a significant event transpired, it was common practice to document it in a register, noting the date and critical details to maintain a historical record. This practice, of linking dates and times with events, originated from the necessity to present evidence during legal disputes, to establish or prove rights or obligations. For instance, … Continued

AGS Thailand gets their hands dirty for clean air

Launched by Governor Chadchart Sittipunt in 2022, the ambitious initiative aims to plant one million indigenous Thai trees in the city by 2026. The team planted their saplings in the Lat Krabang industrial district, a stone’s throw from the AGS Thailand offices. They were joined by the Environmental Affairs Advisor to the Governor, Mr. Pornphrom … Continued

AGS Senegal eco-project revitalises soil sustainably

It was by chance, during a client’s move to Dakar, that Michel Giovannucci, director of AGS Senegal, met Willy Baey. The fellow Frenchman was delivering vegetables and dairy products to the same address. Willy’s produce not only looked delicious, it was also 100% organic, cultivated on his farm near the village of Bayakh. An agricultural … Continued

A Story of Know-How: Eddy Nait Liman, AGS Records Management

Eddy Nait Liman, head of three conservation centres in the Île-de-France (Paris) region, puts customer and team satisfaction and at the heart of his management style. “If someone is looking for me, I’m always in the field. I’m rarely in my office.” Eddy Nait Liman doesn’t stop. The AGS Records Management manager oversees three conservation … Continued