Preserving German Theatre Heritage: Digitisation at Hessian State Archives

Preserving German theatrical heritage The Hessian State Archives in Darmstadt launched an ambitious project to digitise their archives on the region’s theatrical history. MEMORIST was selected for this large-scale project, entrusting the preservation of this heritage to its new German studio in Berlin. The State Archives of Hesse play a central role in preserving the … Continued

AGS supports young Haitians in uncertain times

With gangs gaining a foothold and the number of major crimes setting “new records”, the UN warns that many Haitians are living in a climate of unprecedented danger. Against this backdrop, AGS is helping motivated young Haitians better their lives through learning. Since opening its doors in Port-au-Prince in 2012, AGS Haiti has built a … Continued

Restoring a Precious Incunabulum from Solesmes Abbey: La Reliure du Limousin’s Restoration Journey

Initial inspection and challenges During the initial inspection, a number of major alterations were noted, including a non-original binding in paper on board, broken seams, tears, gaps and ink stains on certain pages. Faced with these challenges, our craftsmen implemented a meticulous restoration process, aiming to revive the incunabulum’s originality and significance.   Meticulous restoration … Continued

MOBILITAS consolidates its Asian footprint with new branch in Laos – the 100<sup>th</sup> country in its network.

The French-owned MOBILITAS Group, specialised in global mobility, physical and digital records management, and the preservation, restoration, digitisation and sharing of heritage, has opened a new branch for its flagship brand in Laos – the 100th country to form part of its network. Now covering the entire Indochinese peninsula, MOBILITAS consolidates its position as a … Continued

New Ghanaian facilities for Mobilitas flagship brand AGS

The MOBILITAS Group has unveiled new facilities in Ghana to strengthen the African footprint of its flagship brand. Situated on the outskirts of the country’s capital, Accra, the new premises will service AGS Ghana’s removals, relocation and records management clients. Constructed from the ground up, the approximately 2000m2 site marks the first opportunity for the … Continued