One man’s big move to a small island

“Fresh out of university, I read The Millennial Project, by Marshall T. Savage. The first chapter proposes self-sufficient floating islands to house the growing global population, and I was fascinated by the idea,” he remembers. “It started me on a career focused on self-contained sustainability.” But, as Jon soon realised, ensuring sustainable supplies of water, … Continued

A new chapter in the development of the MOBILITAS Heritage Division

Tahiti in May, Côte d’Ivoire in September, in the space of a few months the MOBILITAS Group has begun to develop its international heritage division, the group’s new strategic target. The expansion further diversifies our global service offering and complements our other strategic activities, namely removals, records management, and relocation. The heritage division brings together … Continued

Fun Fact: Hanoi, the new magnetic city in Asia

Hanoi is known to be very welcoming of foreigners and benefits greatly from its geographical location and proximity to China. The city is overtaking Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong, which have become too expensive for many. It also provides direct access to all regions of the country and is increasingly establishing itself as an economic … Continued


Acquisition of La Reliure du Limousin and partial acquisition of Tribvn, and Art Graphique et Patrimoine (AGP) which join Arkhênum to enhance the heritage offering. Creation of the MOBILITAS Heritage Division.


Acquisition of Archibald in Toulouse, consolidating MOBILITAS’ physical and digital records management activities in France.