The MOBILITAS Group constantly works to improve quality standards by optimizing our procedures, training our teams and improving the level of service excellence we offer our clients.

Quality is at the core of our commitment to our customers and employees

“Making quality a daily reality” is the philosophy behind our approach to quality management.

Quality is a global approach that has always been one of the group’s core values. It applies to all our businesses.

Its primary purpose is to ensure that our clients receive a consistent level of service, no matter where they are in the world.

To do this, we integrate customer satisfaction into all our processes as well as into daily management. The aim of quality management is to help the MOBILITAS teams do their work smoothly and efficiently, while respecting our business processes and quality standards.

To improve knowledge at an individual level, we have introduced a quality training course into our employee onboarding process.

ALETIA, a corporate university for and by small and medium family-owned businesses

ALETIA training courses address the reality on the ground, giving trainees the tools they need to face the challenges and concerns of today and tomorrow.

The university’s objective is to actively develop its six founder SMEs by offering inter-company training, intra-company modules and individual coaching.

Each year, the institute innovates with two to three new training modules on topics requested by the founders. They strive to keep course content as relevant as possible to the reality on the ground.

In 2021, for example, the university began developing courses related to remote working, crisis management, and team and project management. In this way, ALETIA meets the current needs of employees and allows them to develop their autonomy.

By gathering employees from different sectors in the same training course, Aletia gives them the opportunity to compare their perceptions of global developments and find new ways of working.

In total, the institute trains more than 500 employees per year from the six founding companies. In 2021, 115 MOBILITAS employees participated in training courses.