Fun Fact Singapore: The Hungry Ghost Festival

Like Americans, Singaporeans celebrate their ghosts once a year, during the Hungry Ghost Festival, also known as Zhong Yuan Jie (中元节). According to tradition, the souls of the dead roam the earth and are likely to get up to mischief if ignored. To keep them in good spirits, the living present them with offerings over … Continued

Moving to Canada: the top-10 most liveable cities – Part 2

While Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver may attract the most expats, they are certainly not the only options. If you don’t want the high cost of living or size constraints associated with larger metropolises, here are seven more affordable Canadian cities worth considering.

Expatriates, attracted by pop culture, bet on Korea

In just a few weeks, the series Squid Game redefined success for Netflix. The parable denouncing Korean society’s capitalist excesses set a new record, netting 111 million views in its first 28 days. Even the New York Times was surprised by the series’ global success, which came just one year after the movie Parasite, by … Continued

How to make yourself at home in canada

S’installer au Canada représente une grande aventure pour vous et votre famille. Pour la rendre la plus agréable possible, il est important de pouvoir tisser du lien social et multiplier les rencontres avec des Canadiens ou d’autres expatriés. Réussir son intégration passe bien souvent par quelques petites astuces faciles à mettre en place.