Yes, you can still move during the pandemic

Moving is a big step in life, both personally and logistically. People even continue to move during COVID, only the approach requires a bit of extra planning and preparation.

Removals for individuals and businesses are still allowed. For example, the French government even permitted removals during the lockdown of 30 October 2020, considering them to be “movements for compelling family reasons.”

The Chamber of Movers stated that professional moving companies could continue to operate, as opposed to the first shutdown. “Companies have taken precautions to deal with the virus. They have put measures in place to protect employees, customers and anybody else involved in a move,” the Chamber said in a statement. Proof that mobility continues during this period. The AGS Group has had measures in place for months to ensure that each of our moves takes place in the safest way possible. Worldwide, our branches are open, and our teams are completing requests for quotes and support within the usual timeframe.

Preparation is crucial

However, now more than ever, the preparatory phase of a move is essential. It is especially so if you are moving abroad. Moving is an exciting experience and a definite upheaval.

But, to ease the transition, it is crucial to plan your departure to the tee. Luckily, there are many tips to help you with this process. For example:

  • It’s better to research your new city so that you don’t get lost when you arrive.
  • Think about how you’d like to manage the shipment of your car or go about choosing a school for your children that is near your new home.
  • Look for extracurricular activities that allow them to settle in and establish new friendships.
  • Be sure to pack important documents you may need as well as items of sentimental value, so you don’t feel lost.

Moving is also often an opportunity to sort through and empty your closets. Remember to give away items that you won’t be taking along with you. Also, file your documents you still need and will be taking so that they are easy to find again when you need them.

Necessary formalities, seasoned teams

AGS is one of the key players in the mobility sector, and we are ready to support you. Thanks to our 46 years of experience and expertise, and our global network, we can guide you through all the formalities involved in an international move. We also handle all aspects of any domestics moves within the 96 countries where we are present. All told, we manage more than 85 000 family moves a year.

Around the world, our 4 500 employees are ready to meet the needs of businesses and families during this challenging time. We are on standby to take care of even the smallest detail and ensure that your move goes smoothly.

For example, opening a bank account in your new city is essential if you are going to live abroad It’s a small but crucial detail that will make the difference and will help you in your new life

Cultivating curiosity and openness to the world

Above and beyond effective preparation, a move also requires adaptability from both adults and children. Accompany your toddlers in this new phase of their lives. Get them excited by making family photo albums or show them pictures of the country or city where you will be living.

Have fun as a family learning useful phrases for when you arrive, such as “Hello,” “This is delicious” or “Thank you.” Involve them in the preparations for the move and in choosing your new home. Before you leave, look for activities that they might enjoy so that they can soon become familiar with their new life.

For your part, prepare for the cultural differences and start learning a little of the local language. Be open-minded and cultivate your curiosity. The unknown and the unusual can be confusing, but the more you allow yourself to be surprised by new experiences, the richer your life will be.

These tips will allow you to transition smoothly and reduce culture shock. Settling in a new country often requires quality support, and that is support that AGS Movers can provide.


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