The AGS Group intensifies its presence in Germany

A new page of history is being written for AGS as its strategy for Germany gains momentum. The group intends to consolidate its position as a major mobility player in the country with the opening of new sites and the expansion of its physical and digital document archiving activities.

AGS is strengthening its presence in Germany. With the opening of a dedicated office in Erlangen, Bavaria, the company is expanding its services to offer a complete relocation and immigration package in addition to its decades of expertise in international relocation.

With this in mind, 2020 marks a significant acceleration in the implementation of AGS’ strategy in Germany. “Our very proactive strategy is to establish a strong, sustainable and local presence in the German market, with several offices in the country,” says Franck Maudet, Managing Director of the Koblenz branch since 1 March 2020. “We firmly believe in the proximity of our teams to our clients and want to establish close links with each of them over the long term based on a relationship of trust.”

Not to be outdone, the document management and information processing arm of the group has also opened an ultra-modern archive management site, which is on the cutting edge of the latest technological innovations.


A brand-new site in Koblenz

On 16 November, the AGS Germany teams moved to their new premises in Koblenz (Rhineland-Palatinate), the historical birthplace of the brand in Germany. The 30 or so employees in Koblenz are now using the new offices and workspaces.

The new building is the result of an investment of 5 million euros, a symbol of the group’s financial strength. AGS has a container warehouse with a capacity of 18 000m3 and a storage capacity of 500 containers. Forming part of the ultra-modern equipment is a bridge crane that can lift up to 12.5 tonnes with a totally secure braking system. The crane is operated by software controlled from inside the offices. The position of the crane on the rail is determined by laser measurements which allow millimetre precision.

The site is also home to a major new feature: an area totally dedicated to document archiving services with a secure storage capacity representing 40km of shelving and 100 000 boxes.

The group did not previously offer archiving in this region of Germany. This space could grow in the coming months, with possibilities for extension planned at the time of the building’s design.


A presence in the four corners of the country

But AGS is also expanding its presence elsewhere in Germany. On 1 November, the group opened a relocation office with a team of specialists in Erlangen, Bavaria.

Martin Reichenbach took over the Munich office, allowing AGS to have a greater presence in this area. Martin Reichenbach has been working in the international relocation sector since 2006, and his expertise in this field provides a solid foundation for AGS’ local success.

“This strategy, of establishing a presence in Germany, reaffirms our desire to become a major player in this essential mobility market, and to play a decisive role in Europe,” emphasises Franck Maudet. “Being as close as possible to our customers and serving them in the best possible way is our obsession and will always remain so”.


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